Automate Tech Support for IoT to Transform Service Delivery and Reduce Costs

Automate Tech Support for IoT to Transform Service Delivery and Reduce Costs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were automated scripts to take care of all issues in our life? Indeed, it would be because for every issue, we would already know a tried and tested formula that could be the best fix to resolve it. Although life is unpredictable, computer problems are somewhat not.

Moreover, imagine in a world where billions of objects can sense, communicate and share information, called the Internet of Things (IoT), this is only going to get more challenging. However, if tech support issues can be grouped together into categories, it might be easier to identify resolutions that best suit their nature and address the problems.

What’s more, by automating tech support, enterprises can reduce costs and ensure a better customer experience. Let’s see how.

Reduce customer support costs

As a lot many tech support processes are automated by deploying scripts, patches, do-it-yourself solutions, and more, to fix frequently encountered issues, the need for agent-assisted services goes down considerably.

This lowers the contact center costs with reduced expenditure on training support agents and fewer calls to manage. The savings thus made can be utilized for upgrading the IT infrastructure and procuring hardware or software to further enhance the customer experience.

Lower average handle time to fix tech support issues

When a customer calls up for support, the technician identifies the issue and if there is an automated solution or script available, it can be used to fix the problem. The application of tried, tested and proven automated methodologies results in faster resolution of tech support issues without compromising in any way on the quality of service. The end result is higher levels of customer satisfaction, which drives loyalty  towards your brand.

Engage customers and create new revenue streams

An advantage of support automation is that the average duration of a call decreases – giving technicians much more time to engage customers. By analyzing customers’ profiles, their asset inventory, and the usage behavior, tech experts can upsell and cross-sell more products and services.

Expand your product portfolio by introducing paid premium tech support plans to monetize out of scope calls and harness the complete revenue potential of a customer.