Leverage Asset Intelligence to Maximize Customer Experience

Leverage Asset Intelligence to Maximize Customer Experience

Using IOT & Asset Mapping to manage assets and maximise asset usage

Most probably your existing systems are designed to keep a track of products you sold to customers. However, there isn’t any record of other assets owned by them. Coming to think of all that you stand to gain with asset intelligence, there’s a lot that you might be missing in terms of opportunities to enhance CSAT and create new revenue streams.

Asset intelligence and in-depth customer insights empower the support agents to foresee potential value added services that the customer is likely to purchase or leverage replacement cycle information. What’s more, customers’ satisfaction levels improve as their requirements are met well in advance.

Use asset data to enhance the customer experience

With asset intelligence and predictive analytics, there is a shift in customer service from being reactive to proactive. By gathering a fair amount of information about customers’ asset ownership – the devices they have – and usage habits, agents can predict their support needs and proactively fix issues or offer products/services as per the requirements.

Another advantage is that customers can be segmented into groups based on their value to the company. This helps in targeting consumers with customized marketing campaigns and special offers. The end result – customers are more happy with solutions tailor-made for them, thereby creating an overall incredible experience.

Realize the total revenue potential of customers

Quite often, enterprises fail to realize the complete revenue potential of a customer. One of the most common reasons for this is their inability to build lifetime value through consistent engagement. Leverage the power of asset intelligence and combine that with big data analytics to make the most of every customer interaction. Empower your support agents to create new revenue streams by upselling and cross-selling products or services and increase profitability.